Quick start with the 3.6 inch tft touch lcd for arduino mega

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This tutorial will help you get started with the 3.6 inch TFT LCD.

You will need the following:

3.6 inch TFT Touch LCD Module Display Screen for Arduino Mega

Mega R3 (Arduino compatible)

Fit the shield to the MEGA board.
Make sure all pins make proper contact.
May need to bend pins slightly to get them to align properly.
Download the UTFT library here (UTFT
 or vist
 or here

Extract the file and copy it to your Arduino Libraries directory

 ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries

Next, open Arduino IDE and go to the following example

Examples -  UTFT - Arduino (AVR) - UTFT_Demo_480x320

Now change the following line

UTFT myGLCD(CTE32HR,38,39,40,41);


UTFT myGLCD(ILI9486,38,39,40,41);

and compile and upload.

The demo will start when done uploading;

At first, I thought this LCD had the R61581 controller but that did not work so I just went to the directory where the libraries were stored.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\UTFT\tft_drivers
I just went through all the drivers till I found one that works.

If you are getting inverted display try the following:

// Remember to change the model parameter to suit your display module!
UTFT myGLCD(R61581,38,39,40,41);

and then I had to edit the R61581's initlcd.h file. and change:


Its the hex Ox4A that did the trick!
Remember to restart your Arduino IDE after you have made changes to the library file

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